Currently: June 2 2014

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Currently… reading:
CH: Haven’t had chance to pick up my book this week, but still reading Bird by Bird. 🙂
Yam: Reading the e-novella Just One Night by Gayle Forman. Man. It was short yet it was just what I needed! I remember being in agony after I read Just One Day, since the sequel was scheduled to be released a year after. Patience is not one of my best traits. Haha! This e-novella came shortly after Just One Year so I was so excited when the release day arrived and the title was delivered to my Kindle.
Pinky: still hungover from reading Just One Night over the weekend. I couldn’t breathe while reading it and I just had the biggest smile on my face. As I shared on Instagram, I love happy endings — especially happy endings that turn out to be happy beginnings. <3 <3 <3

Currently… watching:
CH: The hilarious clip of Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy doing impressions of their older counterparts, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart. LOL!
Yam: Maleficent over the weekend. I loved some parts, and hated some parts.
Pinky: I’m marathoning The Blacklist. It’s REALLY good. Everything is ~~so mysterious~~ 😛 Also, the hot husband is very hot. Just my type!

Currently… listening to:
CH: Disney classics while working on some layouts. A Whole New World still makes me kilig every time I hear it! 🙂
Yam: What Is Right by BIGBANG. I opened my iTunes one day and the song immediately started playing. No violent reaction at all, since it’s one of my favorites from their Tonight album.
Pinky: Lots of Taylor Swift in preparation for her concert. 😉 I asked for tickets and the Universe provided an opportunity. Yay!

Currently… wanting:
CH: A quick escape. Maybe I can catch the train to Portland? (Or not. I just checked and it’s 17 hours!)
Yam: to be somewhere cold. It’s so humid in Manila, even at midnight when I came home everything was still. No breeze at all! 🙁
Pinky: I blew all my money on Taylor Swift tickets, so if someone could give me an Instax share printer, I would love him/her for a good long while. 😉

Currently loving:
: The fact that I have so many exciting projects lined up! (Mostly self-initiated, so hope I get all those done…)
Yam: getting an e-mail from one of my favorite hostel owners in Taiwan. I need to go back this year!
Pinky: this Oster personal blender we bought at SNR. The blade screws onto the bottle and when it’s done blending, you can just take the bottle with you. Genius!

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