April Workshop Recap

Last April, we held a beginner’s memory-keeping workshop, just before most people here in the Philippines went on vacation. (International readers: the summer season here is from April-May). The group was a mix of non-scrapbookers who were looking to begin making their first project, and some who were already familiar the hobby but wanted to try the pocket scrapbooking style.

As always, we began with a short discussion before the hands-on portion. Our participants actively expressed their experiences in hoarding paper, photos, and memorabilia, even the weird ones that would normally be considered trash by their friends. We always say that our workshops are a “safe place” for paper and ephemera hoarders – we ourselves hoard candy wrappers, movie tickets, parking stubs, restaurant business cards, etc. If you’ve been holding on to boxes of memorabilia and reviewing photos on your phone or computer, you may want to come play at our next workshop!

The fun continued once we began the hands-on portion. While all you really need to create a project is our starter kit + photos, we encourage participants to bring their own stash of supplies, too.

Liz opened her huge box of washi and was met with loud “oohs” and “ahhs.” How much do we love our washi?  A LOT.



we want to know: do you prefer to scrap while sitting down or standing up?


There were lots of sharing and storytelling — from hoarding craft products, sharing fun finds (such as a book of fun paper mainly used for giftwrap, but good for cutting down to use in Project Life; mini rolls of washi, and sets of the cutest mini alpha stamps all purchased by Kiara) to different travel stories.


Aia chose the Seafoam edition to create an album about her US trip with family. At first she seemed overwhelmed, but once she started choosing photos from the stack that she brought, she quickly got into it. As a self-confessed memory hoarder, she said that she would definitely add more photos after the workshop and add her journaling.


Pat was excited to begin her album about a memorable NY trip with her son. The Neapolitan edition she chose was perfect for her photos!


Kiara wowed us all when she shared that she was making an album about her Maldives vacation. Who hasn’t dreamed of going to the Maldives?! She worked with the Kraft edition mixed with other papers. Some of her photos were already so beautiful as is, so we want to know what she did with the photo she’s pointing at — journal on the photo itself (lots of space for it, even minimal text), or add embellishments?


Liz had so many great photos from her recent NY trip that we all drooled over. She worked on getting most of her photos in the pockets, since she printed a lot! In this photo, she showed how she made a cool collage of some food photos and printed it in 6×8 size. Great idea, especially if you have a lot of photos that all fall under a common theme.


Vir was the only one who didn’t work on a travel-related album. For her project, she wanted to highlight her experiences in theater from her childhood days until the present. What a great idea! If you’ve been doing something for years, or maybe trying out a new hobby, why not chronicle it?



We’re not sure why, but both of us (Pinky & Yam) felt like this workshop was so short. Bitin! We could have spent another 3-4 hours just working on our own PL albums with the workshop participants!



Don’t forget! Registration for our June workshop is now open. We hope to see you on June 21!

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  1. I agree, our workshop was so bitin! I saw this post just now. Looking forward to crop sessions with you girls! 🙂

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