Yam’s Project Life: Week 17 Update

PL_Tuesdays copyAs promised, I’m sharing the finished spread I first revealed two weeks ago. If you recall, I left Week 17 with some half-filled pockets and lots of Post-Its. Here’s the finished spread:

left side

Closer look after the jump:

I still did a title card, and for this spread, I kept it small and just used a 3×4 pocket. I usually put the Week number, but this time, I spotted a sticker I wanted to use along with a different date stamp set. For something different from my previous spreads, I omitted the week number. I know this weekly format may not work for everyone, but I’m used to dividing time by weeks in my head, so I stick with it.

On the second card, I initially wanted to include the card where I wrote my To Do list, but I didn’t have it with me, so I copied some of the items on my To Do list. That’s not everything, as my real list was much longer.

For the bottom left 4×6 pocket, I chose three photos and put all three on one 4×6 canvas in Photoshop. I used this 4×6 template to arrange the photos before printing. I trimmed the excess white borders because I was going to mount the photo on a 4×6 card.

i usually take photos while trying on clothes (hahaha) and making faces while doing so is normal, too,that’s why i chose that photo. i remember making that face, because i wanted the top but it was quite big on me and there were no smaller sizes available.


didn’t need to add more to this pocket. Haha!


Here’s the right side:

I used more 4×6 photos here. It also seems less embellished compared to the left side, doesn’t it? I may add a couple more small embellishments.

3×4 photo + journal card detailing what went down during the first weekend of our vacation. I love you summer was stamped on the bottom right corner.

 This is a photo of my brother on his birthday. I want to write his age on the blank space, but I left the banner bare for now, since I don’t know if I’m going to use number stickers, or actually write on it. Ooh, maybe I’ll ask him to write his age!

Photo of a good meal + filler card (from 5th & Frolic) which I stamped (Happy happy happy) and added a puffy heart sticker.

I may actually add an insert to include more photos from my brother’s birthday, since we took a few more that I didn’t include yet.

As for Week 18, I didn’t finish it 🙁 I looked at the spread and didn’t feel like adding anything to it just yet, so I stopped. Forcing myself to finish a spread takes the fun out of this hobby, so I try not to do it.

* * *

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