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This time last year… I went on an epic trip!

But let me backtrack a bit. I’m sharing some pages today from 2 weeks last year (roughly around this time; May 13-26). Because, once again, a favorite reason of mine to do PL: getting to flip back to where you were months ago and remembering like it was yesterday. <3

(Also, my wanderlust is at an all-time high and I don’t have trips planned! Wah! So I’m going to read through my past travels for inspiration. Haha. 2013 was quite crazy on the travel front — two different sets of cousins invited me to tag along, for free, on their family trips, so I got to go all over, from Mexico to the Mediterranean! Got super lucky that summer.)

May 13 – 19, 2013
(Pardon the glare, the sun was super bright this morning!) This week was fun — spent the first few days of my trip visiting my old pal Rolf who was studying in Switzerland. We got to go around Lucerne for a day and saw some pretty amazing sights from high up Mt. Pilatus. He then surprised me with a few rolls of mt (YAY!), given both as a gift and payment for some layouts I designed for his business. (Yes, I do work for washi…!)


A closer look to see how I “document” new washi rolls. Hahhaha! I also did it again in the spread I featured here.


May 20 – 26, 2013
After spending a few days in Zurich, I flew over to London to see my favorite pals Gita and Kevin! Gita likes to joke that I’m *always* in London (favorite city, hands down, and besides, I get to crash at her place for free, so why wouldn’t I always be in London? Hahaa!) It was amazing — we had really good lobster rolls at this place called Burger & Lobster, where, as you can guess, they only have two things on the menu. Bumped into an old friend from grade school, Charles, who was living in London on assignment. (I always see him in London, which is funny! His company put him in a hotel with a beautiful view of Tower Bridge.) Highlight of the week was sitting along Southbank, by the water, finally drinking Pimms (sort of like a sangria but not) — my favorite thing to do in London.


For these two weeks, I used a lot of the Vintage Travel kit — love that one! I also love collecting my boarding passes. I get so disappointed when airlines don’t have real passes like the ones above (and are usually printed on receipt paper, ick! Thankfully these were old school boarding passes!)


And one thing you’ll notice — this is rare — I’m actually in my PL pages! So yay for that!

So glad that I’m finally on summer break with more time to work on my PL pages! Going to try to catch up (although no pressure to always be caught up!), that way I can share them before a year passes! 😉

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