Currently: May 19 2014

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Currently… reading:
CH: Just bought myself a book called Urban Watercolor Sketching. I’ve been wanting to learn more about drawing and watercolor—I should practice this summer.
Yam: This week, mostly just messages on WhatsApp, Line, and the blogs I follow through Feedly.
Pinky: I just finished the first Veronica Mars novel, Veronica Mars and The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line. I feel strange, it’s like fanfic but it’s actually canon. The mystery of it is solid enough. Lots of insight into Veronica’s thought process. Very exciting! Over the last week I finished The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion (very cute; I couldn’t put it down) and Cress by Marissa Meyer (also good and I look forward to the last book).

Currently… watching:
CH: I saw The Grand Budapest Hotel last night! As with all Wes Anderson movies, it was such a visual treat. It was hilarious, sad, and colorful. I’m not so sure about his typeface switch to Archer (tracked out in lowercase, ugh!) from Futura though… #designerd
Yam: Godzilla at the cinema, and a bunch of shows on TFC where Sandara Park (of 2NE1) was a guest. Love her! I love 2NE1 but I can easily say that Dara’s my favorite 🙂
Pinky: Caught up on my shows over the weekend – Orphan Black, The Vampire Diaries, and The Originals. Next on my list is The Blacklist – I’ve been hearing raves about it.

Currently… listening to:
CH: Spotify lists are my favorite—I usually just pick a theme or genre and go. My latest favorite one is “Evening Commute”, a lot of acoustic, chill, wind down tunes.
Yam: Justin Timberlake.
Pinky: I really Sam Smith’s song “Money on My Mind” — It’s been coming up on the Spotify playlists I’ve been listening to. Also two songs with Iggy Azalea – “Problem” and “Fancy.” The video for Fancy is a perfect homage to Clueless! (Except without the Paul Rudd character.)

Currently… wanting:
CH: … To travel. Now that school’s out, I’m looking for possible trips to take (if budget permits!)
Yam: for time to slow down again, even for just a bit.
Pinky: to hit the beach again. HAHA. This heat is making me a little bit stir-crazy and I’ve been coming down with (self-diagnosed) heat-induced migraines.

Currently loving:
: … The fact that I’m officially on my summer break. Stress-free and happy! (for now!)
Yam: waiting at a favorite cafe during the super busy weekend lunch time and getting seated in less than five minutes. Thought the wait would be longer, but the places serves good food and they have a fast turnover.
Pinky: so much time with my friends over the weekend. <3 so good to reconnect! Planning a couple of beach trips with some friends! 🙂

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