Currently: May 12, 2014

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Currently… reading:
CH: Lots of great moments on Hi. This piece on travel is one of my latest favorites!
Yam: I finished Golden last Friday and over the weekend I’ve been trying to decide on my next reads: Almost English by Charlotte Mendelson,  How to Succeed in Business Without Really Crying by Carol Leifer, or Wildwood Imperium, the third book in The Wildwood Chronicles.
Pinky: Nothing for leisure lately, not even blogs. The past couple of days have been crazy hectic and we’re out and about now, so no time to sit back and relax with a good book. 🙁

Currently… watching:
CH: Nothing new this week! Been too busy — I couldn’t even stop to watch the latest Game of Thrones ep! 🙂
Yam: The Grand Budapest Hotel. Ahh, finally! It opened a couple of days before I left Manila but screenings were limited to select theaters. I was so busy running around I didn’t get to watch. I’m so happy it was scheduled to open here in the sand pit at a later date. Fantastic! This kind of film really needs to be watched at a cinema.
Pinky: This amazing zoetrope at Hong Kong Disneyland. Super cool!! This video shows how it works but basically they’re 3D sculptures that illustrate how animation works using strobe lights. You can find out more about zoetropes here. Amazing!

Currently… listening to:
CH: A lot of John Mayer to calm my nerves.
Yam: Hanson songs 🙂 It’s my own extended celebration of Hanson Day (last May 6)
Pinky: lots of conversation around the streets of Hong Kong. Always makes me smile to hear snippets of Tagalog in between all the other languages, especially after a steady stream of Chinese.

Currently… wanting:
CH: More time to finish school things. On my last few days and (as usual) frantically pulling my hair out trying to get everything done on time!
Yam: two bags I saw recently that I don’t need. I just want them because they’re on sale! Ack. Don’t you hate it when you feel this way?
Pinky: more time to explore Hong Kong! Too bad it’s only a short trip this time. (Good for my wallet though.)

Currently loving:
: Shake Shack. Mmm! Finally got to have some this weekend since I’m in Boston with some friends. How I’ve missed this!
Yam: My sticky notepads with kraft paper. See them in action here. I almost want to stock up for the next five years. Hahaha!
Pinky: Tim Ho Wan pork buns. SOOOOO GOOD.

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