Project Life Tuesday: Documenting Food

PL_Tuesdays copyFood is probably one of the most documented things on social media. People can’t seem to help themselves from taking photos of what they eat, where they eat, and who they eat with. This Tuesday, we wanted share with you the different ways we’ve documented food and dining in our albums.

Mmm, food! I definitely love documenting my meals (or countless snacks) especially when I’m traveling. I always love to say that food is my love language 😉

Just for this feature, I decided to put together some samples of how I document food. (These aren’t all in one page! I gathered them from other spreads, lest you guys think I ate all this in one week… ha!) 🙂 All photos were taken with my iPhone 5S and printed at home on my Epson inkjet printer. Here are the four examples:

CH-Food-Main copy

A closer look at the first two, left to right! The first one was one of the best bowls of ramen I’ve had lately, and was taken last January when I met up with Yam and Pinky! Sooo goood. But here, I just took a photo and stuck it on a food-themed Studio Calico journaling card (it conveniently “tagged” itself #goodeats so I didn’t feel the need to embellish!) The card on the right is taken from my trip to Chicago last year. My friends and I went on several food trips, and more often than not, finished the food before we could take nice, styled photos, so… I kept the business cards of the restaurants instead! I think it’s a fun addition (not to mention you know where to go in case you’re back in the city again!)


CH-Food1 copy

For the next two, I tried embellishing and writing directly on top of my photos instead of adding journaling onto the card. For the Shake Shack card, I wrote down what I ordered (… and boy was I excited or what!) plus a little note about how no trip to NYC is complete without it. The card on the right was from brunch with some of my friends here in San Francisco — we were all dying of hunger by the time the food came out but we had time to style / snap a pic!

WHEN: MAY 2013

CH-Food2 copy

Almost every week, I have at least one pocket related to food or a drink I consumed that week. I’m a bit of a picky eater: when I find what I like in a restaurant, I tend to order that over and over. Majority of the food in my albums are already “favorites” or the best meals from the trip… or sometimes both.

What: favorite food from this family trip
Where: singapore
When: april 2013

PMN-spread1Each of these food photos is sized 3×4 and fills up the whole pocket. To unify them, I used thickers across the top and added some yellow accents and labels. These were the culinary highlights of the trip: truffle xiao long bao from Din Tai Fung, watermelon from a Korean barbecue place we went to, and really crispy bacon cooked at my cousin’s house.PMN-spread2

What: soup series with pat, dex, jannel
Where: ho chi minh city, vietnam
When: august 2013


This entire spread is from when I went to Vietnam last year. We ate soooo much pho, I decided to put all the soup together (7 in total) for a pho-to series (see what I did there? HAHA). Again, I wanted to unify the photos since there are a lot of colors and mostly round shapes. I used a circle punch on some Project Life cards (Travel edition) to label each of the photos. If you’ll notice, my style doesn’t involve a lot of cards — I mostly use full-size photos with labels. I’m trying to work on this since I have a lot of cards to get through! For the title of this page, I just used some wood veneer letters and a little wood veneer heart.


I like taking photos of my food, especially if the meal is memorable. It’s so easy to make food look enticing, but take a photo of an edible item from a bad angle and it can look weird or even ugly and gross. I try to limit my food posts now on Instagram, but when it comes to my Project Life album, no one can stop me. 🙂

Here’s a pocket from one of my spreads this year:

What: Dinner with Ch and Pinky 🙂
Where: Ramen Nagi
When: January 2014

I printed two photos taken with my iPhone in small sizes (2.5 x 2.5 in) then adhered both to journal cards. Card on the left is from the Sunshine edition, card on the right is from Studio Calico. I love putting together two separate 3×4 cards to fill a 4×6 pocket if I can’t find a 4×6 card that I want to use. I kept the captions short and simple, since I have another card below with longer journaling. I just had to include a photo of my Black King ramen because it’s the first time I had ramen with black soup. I’m no stranger to squid ink, though, since I love adobong pusit. Seeing this photo again makes me want to run to the nearest Ramen Nagi branch and order a bowl.

Here’s another one from my 2013 album:

What: dine for a cause (for the victims of typhoon yolanda)
Where: yabu
When: november 2013

This was a really memorable meal. Last year, typhoon Yolanda killed many people and destroyed towns in the Visayas. Yabu was one of the restaurants that launched another “Dine For a Cause” project, wherein proceeds from the day’s sales were donated to typhoon victims. I love the food at Yabu and eating for a cause made the experience even better.

A closer look at the label wrapper cut down to 3×4 (it was a cardboard label wrapped around the katsudon bowl we ordered to bring home for my brother) + my journal card (plain 3×4 card from Studio Calico, with stamps — ‘What’s Happening’ and ‘Dine For A Cause”)

Show us how you document food in your projects. Leave a link below if you’ve blogged about it, or tag us @lifedocumentedmanila on Instagram. Feel free to suggest how we documented other topics in our spreads that you want to us to feature.

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