Freebie Friday #11: Make It Happen

freebie_friday-newToday’s Freebie Friday is another Filipino/Filipina Friday, as we feature yet another talented Filipino/Filipina who also shares his/her work online.

Diana Jacinto is a designer currently based in Singapore. We love seeing her Instagram posts on our feed! Other things that keep her busy is her team up with Pixaroll, a mobile printing app, and working with the Philippine-based brand FabManila on their look books and marketing collaterals. Her designs also appeared on a second line of bags for the brand.

She shared this wallpaper on her blog last year, and we think it’s a timeless reminder for anyone. Sure, it’s good to be patient and wait, but we also believe that in order for your goals and dreams to actually happen, you need to move and do things. Make whatever you dream of happen!

Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 3.54.21 PMDownload Make It Happen HERE

In relation to what we do here at LDM, if you’ve been putting off a project or an album because you want to have complete materials, or you want to start on a certain date, or you don’t think you have good style… don’t even let those things stop you from making an album. In documenting your life, your photos and memorabilia will just keep piling up and stay in boxes or your hard drive until you decide to make something. Make an album!

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