Freebie Friday #10: Summer Wallpaper

freebie_friday-newToday’s Freebie Friday is another Filipino/Filipina Friday, as we feature yet another talented Filipino/Filipina who also shares his/her work online.

Regina Silva, or Reg, is an illustrator from Manila. On her website, she says she has “a penchant for drawing cute, playful, and whimsical graphics suitable for greeting cards, stationery, paper goods, gift ware and novelty items, and children’s books.” She also has experience working as a motion graphics designer for a local broadcasting network, and as  a graphic designer for a creative agency with offices in the US and UK.

We love her work and we always look forward to sneak peeks to the final output of her works in progress, which she often shares on her Instagram account. If you’re familiar with Moonleaf Tea Shop in the Philippines, her work also appeared in the shop’s 2014 Planner.

It’s already summer season here in the Philippines and boy, is it HOT, HOT, HOT! Today alone, highest temp we saw on the Yahoo Weather App is 35 degrees Celsius ( 95 degrees Fahrenheit). It’s hot and pretty humid, too. This wallpaper designed by Reg is perfect for this season:

previewIllustration by Regina Silva

Makes us want to drive down to the beach or even fly to Boracay, so we can walk around wearing as little clothing as possible, with our summer drinks of choice in hand.


Reg also released her April 2014 wallpaper, and we really love how she puts a calendar, too. This is so useful if you use this as the wallpaper for your phone — one glance and you can easily check the dates.

04-wallpaperpreviewDownload the April 2014 wallpaper for your computer or smartphone HERE.

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