Freebie Friday #7: Chase after the dreams that scare you

freebie_friday-newToday’s Freebie Friday is also Filipino/Filipina Friday, as we feature a talented Filipino/Filipina who also shares his/her work online.

We at LDM are big fans of Arriane Serafico. She constantly wows us with her various passion projects, making sure that creativity is used. This year, she also started sharing her typography work through downloadable wallpapers. These wallpapers can also be printed and posted on your wall or mood board for inspiration.

We love this particular work she did, mainly because we are still chasing after our own dreams. Fear is not always a bad thing.

She writes:

“Place this on your desktop, your gadget of choice — or maybe print it out and stick it where you can see it everyday.

Let it be a reminder that the dreams worth chasing are often the ones that scare you the most.”

The wallpaper is offered in two variations: white text on black background and black text on white background  (perfect for printing!) Learn more about Arriane and what she does, then download her beautiful work HERE.

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